Cloud Data Migration That’s Secure, Streamlined and Fast

With Commvault, you can align your data storage needs and cloud data migration—seamlessly. Easily move production data and backups to the cloud.

Easy, Integrated Cloud Data Migration from Metallic

Move backups to the cloud, fast!
The new Metallic Cloud Storage Service is a fully integrated cloud storage target accessible from the Commvault dashboard. Now you can adopt cloud storage directly from the same interface you use for daily data management. No cloud skills nor special cloud experience are needed.
Commvault's Metallic Cloud Storage Service is ready in minutes, and helps you be ready with daily cloud backups, typical retentions and ad-hoc recoveries.



With comprehensive cloud data management, it’s easy to meet business demands and efficiently manage data migration:


To the cloud

Across multiple clouds
Across cloud geographical regions
Back on the on-premises data centre

Commvault continues to rank in Gartner’s top-leader list for Back-up and Recovery

Commvault was once again named a leader in The 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Backup and Recovery Report and in Gartner’s 2020 Critical Capabilities for Backup and Recovery Report Commvault was named number one in physical server environments, number one in virtual environments and number one in public cloud environments.

This is the ninth time Commvault has achieved a Leader position in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant and, according to Gartner, it is the first time any vendor has scored highest across all use cases in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for Backup and Recovery Report.


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Data Migration Software That Keeps Cloud Data Secure

Manage cloud disaster recovery and protect against ransomware. With cloud-based disaster recovery, you have the flexibility to meet SLAs, recover data across geographies, and secure data in immutable cloud storage. Commvault helps you to be ready for data emergencies.

A strong cloud data protection strategy includes plans for cloud data migration, cloud disaster recovery and ongoing cloud data management.


Streamline with Commvault Data Migration

Automation and orchestration further streamline Commvault data migration processes: you can define process flows once, then apply them consistently across data projects. Automation saves you time and effort on your cloud journey.

  • Built-in compression shrinks the data as much as possible
  • Built-in deduplication reduces the volume of data moving to the cloud
  • Encryption protects workloads in flight
  • Integrated reporting shows success, failure and job restart
  • Easily confirm your workload migration is successful and secure

Scalable Cloud Data Migration

Smoothly manage even large data volumes moving to the cloud—Commvault has seamless integration into tools like Azure Data Box and AWS Snowball. There is no need for additional third-party appliances for large data migrations. Commvault software seamlessly integrates with large scale data migration tools, including:

  • Microsoft Azure Data Box family—Data Box, Data Box Disk, Data Box Heavy, Data Box Edge, Data Box Gateway
  • AWS Snowball—AWS Snowball, AWS Snowball Edge, AWS Snowmobile
  • Google Transfer Appliance


Flexible Virtual Machine Data Migration to Hypervisors and Clouds

Use the hypervisors and clouds you need, where you need them. In one click, Commvault can migrate virtual machines to the cloud of your choice. Moving from one cloud or hypervisor to another involves data conversion. Enterprise data protection should make it easy to support a wide range of hypervisor conversions.

Hypervisor flexibility is included with Commvault. Move VMware workloads to Azure, AWS workloads to VMware, Hyper-V to AWS— Commvault eliminates the challenge of hypervisor compatibility.

Choose virtual machine migration to the cloud as a one-time operation or automate regular cloud copy creation for common use cases such as disaster recovery and dev/test operations.

In Partnership: Commvault and CDW 

Commvault is the recognised leader in data backup and recovery. Commvault’s converged data management solution redefines what backup means for the progressive enterprise through solutions that protect, manage and use your most critical asset—your data.

With an international reach in both private and public sector IT, CDW's global supply chain delivers products and services to over 170 countries. Our team holds the industry's highest achievable accreditations, allowing you to focus on running your business—and not on managing your IT.

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