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You need to evolve your remote capabilities and allow your teams to thrive in the hybrid working environment.

According to the Lenovo Future of Work survey, very few employees want to go back to a daily office routine, with most preferring at least an even split with working from home, but with this change in the working model comes IT concerns such as managing data and cybersecurity, keeping the workforce productive, and giving employees the right devices for the job.1

Research carried out by digital consultancy Publicis Sapient indicates that, when asked how their employer could make remote working better, 41% responded with better or newer hardware.2

In 2020, the world learned how to manage agile working practices. Now, it is time to maximise them. 

With Lenovo and CDW you can mitigate Security concerns with Lenovo ThinkShield, boost productivity with specialist devices, deploy at scale with Zero-touch deployment and streamline your technology and communication processes with Device-As-A-Service.

Watch these five videos that quickly show you how CDW and Lenovo can take your business to the next level by boosting employee engagement with the right devices and finance options that suit your business.

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Find out how CDW and Lenovo can help your business:


Keep your data safe with Lenovo Thinkshield.



Simplify device deployment with Windows Autopilot,
& configuration services.


Improve job satisfaction by giving employees the flexibility to work from anywhere.


Enhance remote team collaboration utilising Lenovo’s smart collaboration portfolio.


Enable predictable costs by leveraging CDW and Lenovo DaaS.


Leverage technical assistance with Lenovo premier support.

How CDW and Lenovo empower better business outcomes.

“Business and the technology that supports it is becoming increasingly more complex but can deliver a competitive advantage. The partnership between Lenovo and CDW simplifies business complexity to deliver solutions that accelerate digital transformation and deliver innovation by empowering employee engagement like never before.”

Lily Williams, Lenovo Partner Development Manager.

Empower employees and increase engagement with the right devices, today and in the future. With CDW and Lenovo.

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Contact Lily Williams, CDW’s Lenovo Partner Development Manager

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About Lily Williams.


As a Lenovo Partner Manager I focus on supporting our customers journey

My goal is to deliver superior customer service levels, with strategic insight that drives operational excellence for Lenovo to improve the lives of all we serve.

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Lenovo's emphasis on purposeful design, trusted reliability and continuous innovation creates products that help professionals stay productive, prepared and connected, no matter where their work takes them.

CDW can design Lenovo solutions that are customised to fit your organisation's needs, so your technology works together today and in the future.

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