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Having the right business tools drives transformative business outcomes. Power your employees with Mac – deployed and managed by CDW – to provide an all-in-one solution that gets your people working at their best, however they work.  

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We make your 9-5 come alive

Given the choice, 75% of people would choose Mac at work,1 so be sure to give your employees the right tools in the right way. With CDW, your people get the Apple devices they enjoy working with, tailored to your business network. Explore the Employee Choice programme and let’s make 9-5 come alive for your business. 

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The simple solution for every IT challenge

Whatever your everyday challenges are, trust our Apple Practice to find the correct Mac devices for you, all set up and managed effortlessly with zero-touch deployment.  

Mac is cost-effective, intuitive to use and simple to manage. Users create fewer support tickets, making Mac perfect for companies with or without dedicated IT support. A study commissioned by Apple and delivered by Forrester Consulting also shows that, over a three-year life cycle, there is an overall cost saving of $8432 for Mac compared with a PC. And with a full range of flexible payment solutions available from Apple Financial Services, you can deploy Mac in a way that fits your budget. 

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Take your people to the next level

Mac, procured, deployed and managed by CDW, will power your employees’ productivity. With an intuitive user experience, seamless integration between business apps, built-in security and supercharged by Apple Silicon, there really is no better tool for your people than Mac. 

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Why choose Apple with CDW?

The deep partnership between Apple and CDW is reflective of our shared commitment to power business by empowering their people. CDW, as an Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller (AAER), works to find the right solutions for your business’ biggest challenges using the power of the full Apple portfolio. 

It’s time to power your people and take your business to the next level with Mac and CDW

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Your people are your greatest assets and, at CDW, ours are too. It’s our mission to empower your teams to achieve new levels of productivity and performance. Our Apple Practice is on-hand to help. 

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2 Based on data from companies interviewed. Companies should use their own estimates within the framework provided in the Forrester study to understand their own cost savings.