Introducing Fluid Working

Fluid working means employees working anywhere, anyhow, anytime. Fluid working is focusing on productivity and creating a work-life balance your way.

Fluid working is all about flexibility and giving employees more control over how they work. This can mean working from home, having flexible hours, sharing a job with someone else, or working part-time. By providing this level of flexibility, you can boost productivity and make employees happier at work.

The goal is to empower workers to choose the way they work that suits them best, while also giving them the support and resources they need to achieve their goals.

The forward-thinking model that goes beyond hybrid working from Samsung.

Why are businesses moving to fluid working?

Build a better work culture

Build a better
work culture

Work more flexibly

Work more

Work smarter with the right technology

Work Smarter with the
right technology

Reduce your carbon footprint

Reduce your Carbon


Why should you opt for fluid working?

If the technology behind your business is set up the right way, the result is happier employees, improved retention, better productivity, and a more connected company culture (even when working apart).

Now, with the right technology, we really can work from anywhere. For your IT department, however, few words erect neck hairs more than “anywhere.” Remote work has upended how leaders interact with employees and how co-workers connect with each other. These interactions are the foundation of work culture; sharing ideas and experiences are what drive the essential connections in any culture.


The term ‘hybrid working’ is confused and conjures companies’ missteps. To retain the best talent, Joe Walsh, Director of B2B at Samsung UK & Ireland, says we need a new way to think about the world of work.

Download the The Case for Fluid Working Whitepaper to understand what fluid working truly means, when ‘Fluid Working’ what an office should be and 4 considerations for Fluid working. 

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The Case for Fluid Working

Benefits of fluid working

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Work culture

Fluid work increases employee happiness and productivity, leading to reduced turnover, lower costs, and higher revenue.

The flexibility of fluid work allows businesses to access a larger talent pool, thanks to advancements in technology that enable people to work from anywhere.

Fluid work facilitates "deep work," which can be challenging in traditional office environments. Technology makes it possible to work remotely and access necessary tools and resources, eliminating the disadvantage of not having appropriate technology. A connected ecosystem of technology, such as the Galaxy devices, can provide significant productivity benefits.

SAMSUNG Galaxy devices don’t just work together—they work together seamlessly.

Work Culture
Fluid Spaces

Fluid SPaces

As many of us have now created work spaces in various locations beyond the traditional office setting, the future of work is becoming more adaptable and secure, focused on a state of mind rather than a specific physical space.

While fluid working allows you to choose where and how you work, creating an "office-like" environment goes beyond having a desk and a lamp. The ultimate goal of fluid working is to find a space where you can be mentally productive.

To achieve this flexibility, having the right technology is crucial to staying connected and focused, no matter where you are. 

But how can you create an environment that accommodates that being at work is now a state of mind, rather than a physical place?


The right technology—a connected ecosystem of devices—can help us get the most out of remote work. 

In a blended work environment with both remote and in-office employees, there are both challenges and opportunities for productivity. We strive to balance the benefits of in-person collaboration with the flexibility of remote work.

To keep in touch, we often utilise various communication channels and devices, such as direct messaging, email, and video calls, even collaborating on documents in real-time. Thanks to technology advancements, working away from the office has become more accessible.

Samsung has taken a thoughtful approach to enable fluid work by optimising technology to switch between contexts and devices seamlessly, unlocking small efficiencies that streamline workflows.





Galaxy Book3 Range is designed to be your office anywhere.
Introducing full-time flexibility.
Flex from PC, To Tablet, To Mobile.


Laptops built for the modern working world

Introducing a laptop range that’s as flexible as our modern ways of working. Ultra-thin and light, they meet every budget and are built on our market-leading mobile heritage.


S Pen. To screen.
To life.

Turn your bright ideas into inspiring content — simply flip the screen, grab the S Pen and jot down ideas, sketch, draw and fine-tune photos and videos with incredible precision.


Design that bends over

Weighing in at under 1.8kg and encased in a sturdy, compact aluminum body, the Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 is portable enough to take just about anywhere. Grab this convertible laptop in Graphite or Beige and work on the go.

*Thickness, weight and colour availability vary by model, configuration and country.


Where creativity gets
its spark

Stay powered through your projects with a long-lasting 76Wh (typical) battery for up to 19 hours of video runtime. Take a power nap as you top up with up to 6.7 hours of video runtime in just 30 minutes — with a light and compact charger that even works with your other Samsung Galaxy devices.


Flip into home
theatre mode

Get your popcorn ready — the quad-speaker system on Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 features four immersive speakers with AKG and Dolby Atmos technology to ensure a crystal-clear experience from opening scene to post-credits.

Why CDW & Samsung

From displays to Galaxy devices for business technology, Samsung and CDW offer you cutting-edge technology that takes your workforce to the next level. Our team of experts have vast experience helping organisations drive progress to ensure they are future ready. 

We pride ourselves on pairing local expertise with global reach. From rigorously assessing your current IT environment to implementing cost-effective solutions that deliver against business goals, we have the technology partnerships, technical expertise and consultancy skills to guide you in your journey to future-ready working.

Our National Distribution Centre (NDC) and National Configuration Centre (NCC) play crucial roles in helping us overcome the challenges that global organisations face. Our NDC enables us to ship solutions to 160 countries, with our strong partnerships with distributors making logistics a breeze. 

Introduce Fluid working to your business

Talk to one of our workplace modernisation experts to discover how Samsung’s fluid working and Galaxy Book3 can help you forge a new, future-focused path for your business and your teams.

CDW has the global scalability and experience to support organisations of all sizes in finding the tools that tailor to their specific needs.

Don’t wait to innovate! To learn more about Samsung Fluid Working and Galaxy Book 3 range, submit the form and one of our workplace modernisation experts will reach out to discuss how your business can increase employee happiness and productivity, leading to reduced turnover, lower costs, and higher revenue.

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