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Powerful, cost-effective, and future-ready. Apple devices are designed to help ambitious businesses embrace new ways of working with ease. With the Apple platform, organisations have a unique opportunity to leverage innovative software and bring its benefits to your business.

CDW have handpicked a select number of highly trusted independent software vendors (ISVs) to deliver market ready solutions utilising the full Apple platform. Benefit from improved customer relations, streamlined processes, and create smooth, enjoyable experiences, and so much more.

As an Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller (AAER), CDW is perfectly placed to help your organisation get even more from the Apple devices your team already knows and loves. Find out more about our selected partners below.

EVA from New Black unifies all your touchpoints in your Unified Commerce strategy on a familiar platform.

It’s the best-in-class cloud-based solution to combine Point of Sale (PoS), e-commerce, clienteling, order management, and inventory and fulfilment to create a seamless shopping experience, all while ensuring privacy and fiscal legislation compliance.

Dispense with bulky, single function scanning devices and use intuitive, market leading iPads and iPhones running Scandit powered apps.

Using Apple devices to scan barcodes, text, and IDs, you’ll gain insight and streamline end-to-end processes, while increased scanning capabilities and easy to use apps used to access your data sources will optimise your processes. Define new experiences with AR overlays featuring real-time information, innovate retail processes, and increase loyalty scheme numbers with simple onboarding.

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Why Scandit and Apple

The BeagleBoxx platform transforms the patient experience as well as saving time for carers and hospital staff.

Designed and built for iPad, it engages by informing patients of their treatment path and daily schedule, entertains with a range of on-device entertainment, and empowers them through meal options, room functions, and more.

Read about all its capabilities atBeagleBoxx and CDW

Connect better with your online customers through live, one-way video connections on your Apple devices.

Your customers can talk to available salespeople and service providers at physical stores instantly with no required downloads or installs.

You can show products, schedule appointments, complete transactions and more all live for better customer communication and experience.


At CDW, our dedicated Apple Practice and highly accredited experts know how to tap into the value of the Apple platform.

Visit our dedicated Apple Experience Centre in London to see these ISVs, and more, in action.

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