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Unified DataOps from HPE and CDW

Power data-driven transformation across your organisation with a new vision for data and infrastructure management.

Collapses silos, eliminate complexity and simplify data management.

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Unified DataOps addresses IT challenges:

  • Instead of tuning and maintaining infrastructure, IT managers simply deploy cloud services with instant application provisioning
  • Instead of waiting days to access data, developers and data scientists get streamlined access on-demand
  • Instead of worrying about threats to data, data managers can set protection policies with a single-click wherever data lives

Unified DataOps accelerates core business processes:


Faster speed to market


Quicker development


More responsive IT


AI-driven insights and intelligence


Remove complexity


What is Unified DataOps?

The intelligent data platform that brings together the Data Services Cloud Console, HPE Alletra, and HPE InfoSight – delivered as a service via HPE GreenLake.

Unified DataOps uniquely powers a new data experience that collapses silos across people, processes, and technology to unleash data, agility, and innovation for organisations. No matter how big they are.

This Intelligent Data Platform changes the way storage and data are managed for the better.

Simplify and transform your data storage

Simplify and transform your data storage. With HPE 3PAR

AI-powered storage that provides a Tier-1 all-flash foundation for mission-critical workloads.

Unleash your data

Unleash your data. With CDW and HPE.

HPE InfoSight, running on HPE ProLiant servers, combines with HPE Storage to maximise your data centre resources and simplify upgrades, provisioning and maintenance.


Pay-per-use, keep on-premises. With GreenLake.

Purchasing data centre assets through HPE GreenLake allows you to manage costs by controlling the provisioning of resources incrementally. Prevent over- and under-provisioning, and cut down on waste.

Find out more

Find out more

Find out more

Need to know more about Unified DataOps, the intelligent data management as-a-service, launched by HPE and CDW?

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With HPE and CDW.

Oreste-MajeliWant to talk?

Request a call with Oreste Majeli to find out how to unleash the power of your data.

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