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Intelligent infrastructure from HPE improves performance, productivity and uptime. Unleash the power of data and realise new opportunity with intelligent, radically simple technology that unlocks IT agility and delivers an always-on, always-fast experience your customers will love as much as you do. 

The value of technology working in concert is realised when you focus on business acceleration instead of spending nights and weekends fighting fires. 

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Featured Solutions


HPE InfoSight: Transform How Infrastructure Is Managed And Supported


HPE Nimble Storage: Overcome the obstacles to the all-flash data centre


Unified DataOps from HPE and CDW. Power data-driven transformation.

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Overcome obstacles with Nimble Storage

Address IT challenges with Unified DataOps

HPE InfoSight - AI-powered insight

Now free with every HPE ProLiant server, InfoSight is the industry’s leading predictive analytics platform for infrastructure. With 99.9999% guaranteed, IT staff spend 85% less time troubleshooting storage issues.  

AI draws on datapoints from around the world to ensure most problems are resolved before the user becomes aware of them – including issues like “noisy neighbour” VMs, misconfigurations, software update issues, oversubscribed host CPU, overloaded memory, data bottleneck and rogue processes. 

If InfoSight detects a problem that cannot be resolved automatically the HPE support engineers are called to investigate and help get customers back online quickly. Learnings are feed back into the predictive engine for future support automation. 

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HPE Storage – Smart technology solutions 

Whether you install HPE Nimble, HPE 3Par, or HPE Primera as the foundation of your storage, rest assured that it is built for a complex, demanding environment. Working in concert with HPE ProLiant, HPE storage solutions use smart technology to increase density and speed of access, while reducing power consumption.  

Speak to CDW about the HPE trade-in program. Replace ageing equipment and gain the advantage of faster, more reliable storage. 

HPE Nimble - Speed for your apps and users 


HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays combine the speed of flash with the predictive analytics of HPE InfoSight, giving you a whole new way to simplify operations, slash TCO, achieve unprecedented uptime, and scale-up without disruption. 

The HPE Nimble Storage Predictive Cloud platform delivers the fastest and most reliable access to data through predictive analytics and the Multi-cloud Flash Fabric™. With performance over 1.2 million IOPS at sub-millisecond latency, applications take on new life. 1


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HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage - Storage that scales

AI-powered storage that provides a Tier-1 all-flash foundation for mission-critical workloads. 

Built to meet the extreme requirements of massively consolidated cloud service providers, HPE 3PAR StoreServ provides more than 3M IOPS and consistent sub-ms latency. Transform your midrange and enterprise deployments with solutions that scale from a few TBs to more than 20PB. 

The HPE 3PAR StoreServ family of flash-optimized data storage systems modernise your data centre to handle unpredictable workloads effortlessly, and HPE has the only storage smart enough to guarantee 99.9999% data availability.2 Get rapid and automated provisioning, multi-tenant design, hardware-accelerated deduplication and compression, and sub-1ms latency—all in a tier-1 storage architecture that starts small and scales big. 


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HPE GreenLake - Everything as a Service 

HPE Greenlake

HPE GreenLake is an as-a-service offering that brings the cloud experience to apps and data everywhere. Delivering cloud services and infrastructure for hybrid cloud workloads in a fully managed, pay per use model. It enables you to free up capital, boost operational and financial flexibility, and free up talent to innovate quickly, and simplify IT operations to allocate resources where they impact your business most. 

 With HPE GreenLake IT Managers can: 

  • Accelerate responses to business demands 
  • Eliminate over provisioning and boost teams’ productivity by having Less time spent “keeping the lights on” 
  • Avoid slow procurement and change time to market cycle to minutes instead of months. 
  • Generate cash flow savings with metering 
  • Reduce upfront spend to re-invest in the business 
  • Cloud-like experience with control, compliance and security 
  • Scale up and down on demand 

 HPE GreenLake: The cloud that comes to you


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HPE Financial Services - Solutions that address economic challenges 

Get the tech you need and do more with your IT budget. With flexible IT investment solutions, you can have the freedom to move quickly and stay agile, the strength to pivot, and the confidence that your business is always ready for what’s next.  

CDW and HPE Financial Services experts have the product expertise and technical abilities to work with you to build IT investment strategies to help your organisation accelerate digital transformation at scale. 

Work with us to explore new ways to approach IT strategies, procurement, lifestyle management and return on investment based upon innovative funding models to maximise efficiency and improve business agility. 


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Hybrid IT – The composable infrastructure solution 


HPE Synergy is new bladed architecture with one infrastructure for any application. Now you can replace end-of-life servers to increase productivity and future-proof your data centre. 

Here’s why businesses are moving to HPE Synergy, a solution to replace near end-of-life HPE BL460c Gen10 servers: 

  • Enables digital transformation with support for both traditional and modern use cases and workloads on a single platform 
  • Provides agile IT resources to align with business needs 
  • Reduces IT complexity and management overhead 
  • Replaces/consolidates aging servers, reducing support cost and maintenance complexity 
  • Pay for use/business charge back finance options 

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Intelligent Storage Liberates Data Potential_v3

Intelligent Storage Liberates Data Potential 

By Oreste Majeli  

For the enterprise that needs to develop AI- and ML-powered applications to analyse customer buying behaviour, predict supply and demand flows, and manage increased aspects of the business from purchase orders and logistics …

unlocking the hidden value in data

Feel the Love: Unlocking the Hidden Value in Data 

By Oreste Majeli 

Improving customer intimacy and service through data is the goal of most modern business and government. But in organisations where legacy systems have evolved over time, due to growth and acquisition, one finds data siloed in data centres...

Why Speed to Market Matters

Why Speed to Market Matters 

By Oreste Majeli 

How often have you heard the phrase “speed to market? This mantra is becoming increasingly commonplace as companies seek to face competitive pressure by becoming more agile, flexible and fast.

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Experience intelligent harmony

The result is perfect synergy thanks to intelligent foundational infrastructure that powers innovation and automation that enables your IT teams to collaborate and co-create. 

But the real beauty is how simple this combination is to deploy.  

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10X / 5X / 4X quantitative information:  Comparison of Dell EMC VxRail vs HPE Nimble Storage dHCI for the following HCI configuration: 100 TB effective capacity and two drive parity with triple mirroring. 99.9999% quantitative information:  Based on measured data availability from the HPE Nimble Storage installed base.

2 Based on HPE analysis of public information for portfolios spanning IDC mid-range and high-end price bands.