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Are You Ready for the Cloud?

24 August, 2020 / by Ross Pedder

Cloud has been a game-changer when it comes to how technology is consumed. More than nine out of 10 organisations today use cloud-based services in some way[1]. This is because cloud delivers agility, flexibility and scalability, improving value to internal and external customers in ways that are sometimes difficult to achieve with traditional on-premise IT.

But every organisation’s goals are different, as is their journey to the cloud. Here we look at why organisations choose cloud, identify some of the biggest business benefits, and suggest how CDW can help guide you on the best options for your individual requirements.


gettyimages-943065362Why Choose Cloud?

There are several reasons why you might choose cloud for your organisations’ needs. It’s important to note that these aren’t necessarily confined to IT requirements, but rather to the business objectives that the cloud model can help you achieve.

Cloud underpins many enterprises’ digital transformation strategies, for example, being seen as either ‘very important’ or ‘vital’ to more than eight out of 10 organisations’ digital strategies today[2].

It is also important in a competitive business landscape to embrace agility. This usually relates to the ability to quickly react and adapt to change. The cloud enables a more open environment based on flexible working that encourages greater collaboration between teams.

Cloud also enables you to scale your IT quickly and easily in line with your business needs. This was highlighted by the wholesale shift to remote working during the global health crisis in 2020. Cloud was integral to setting up new remote workforces, with organisations relying on its ability to quickly scale up and down as needed.

With no physical or geographical constraints, cloud also helps organisations to react faster to economic conditions, customer or seasonal demands, and expand into new territories without being limited by the confines of legacy IT.

And with no upfront investment in hardware and none of the ongoing operational or maintenance costs associated with on-premise IT, cloud can provide ongoing operational time and cost savings

Finally, the cloud also enables dispersed groups of people to work better together, sharing information in real-time via shared workspaces and storage applications. This can provide a host of efficiencies including reduced time-to-market, accelerated product development and improved customer service.


Processing Power Closer to the Action

Those are some of the primary benefits to cloud. But CDW knows the cloud isn’t a destination; it’s a delivery mechanism, a way to help you achieve your desired business outcomes or objectives. And sometimes, the cloud may not be the best option for your organisation. This might be the case for some traditional application requirements, or if there are geographical or compliance issues around your data. At CDW, we will always advise you on the best path to take for you, and your business based on your core business and IT objectives.

We work hard to understand your needs and formulate clear goals, through a detailed capture process. We want to know what it is that your organisation wants to achieve – to be more agile in your operations, reduce costs or any other objective – and tailor the exact hybrid cloud solution to match those requirements.

Not only does CDW have the in-depth global technical skills, knowledge and resources to support your journey, but we have also been running our own ServiceWorks cloud platform for many years now. This unique platform differentiates us from our main competitors and provides us with a wealth of internal knowledge and experience in cloud platform technology.

So, there it is. Cloud holds the potential to drive digital transformation across companies and sectors. Get in touch with CDW today to find out if your business is ready for cloud.

In the next cloud blog, we will be taking a deeper look into choosing the right path to the cloud and how to establish a best practice journey to hybrid/multicloud adoption.


Ross Pedder, Head of Cloud Services Sales at CDW.

For more information contact: | 020 7791 6000


[1] Cloud infrastructure vital to Digital Transformation, finds new research from CIF

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