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The Simple Way to Avoid Disaster

25 June, 2021 / by Ashminder Ubhi posted in Cloud, Disaster Recovery, Commvault

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The Importance of Backup in an Increasingly Fragmented World

25 June, 2021 / by Ashminder Ubhi posted in Cloud, Disaster Recovery, Commvault

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Modern Cloud Native Mindsets Are a Must for Business Innovation

25 May, 2021 / by Ashminder Ubhi posted in Cloud

It took 40 years for the world to create the nearly 500 million apps in existence today. Yet such is the pace of change that the same number is expected to be created in the next three years alone. Just as apps have become essential tools in our daily lives, they have become vital interfaces for businesses to interact with their customers.

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Why Good IT Strategy Requires Outcome-First Thinking

25 November, 2020 / by Ashminder Ubhi & Ross Pedder posted in Cloud

Cloud technology is nothing new. In fact, today’s largest cloud platform provider, Amazon Web Services, was founded way back in 2006 – just a year after YouTube.

Since those early days, cloud has made businesses’ IT infrastructure more flexible, powered remote working, and helped many organisations adapt to change – especially this year. These benefits have, however, created significant hype and cloud now dominates the IT conversation like nothing else.

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Best Practice Journey to Hybrid/Multicloud Adoption

29 September, 2020 / by Ross Pedder posted in Cloud

Choosing the right path: how to establish a best practice journey to hybrid/multicloud adoption

Cloud has undoubtedly transformed the way that we consume IT.

Hybrid strategies have proved popular to date as organisations look to maintain a mix of cloud services and on-premise IT. However, the last couple of years have seen the rise of the next iteration of cloud consumption: multi-cloud.

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Are You Ready for the Cloud?

24 August, 2020 / by Ross Pedder posted in Cloud

Cloud has been a game-changer when it comes to how technology is consumed. More than nine out of 10 organisations today use cloud-based services in some way[1]. This is because cloud delivers agility, flexibility and scalability, improving value to internal and external customers in ways that are sometimes difficult to achieve with traditional on-premise IT.

But every organisation’s goals are different, as is their journey to the cloud. Here we look at why organisations choose cloud, identify some of the biggest business benefits, and suggest how CDW can help guide you on the best options for your individual requirements.


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VMC on AWS to Upgrade vSphere EOGS Versions

1 June, 2020 / by Ash Ubhi posted in Cloud, Data Centre Modernisation, VMware

Welcome to the final blog post covering the vSphere v6.0 End of General Support (EOGS) which ended on 12th March 2020. In our previous post, we covered how hardware incompatibilities present an opportunity to explore VMware software defined solutions (SDDC).

In this, the third and final high level post, we will cover the option of using VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC on AWS) - an excellent platform that can easily upgrade your environment from vSphere v5.x to the latest version.

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VMware vSphere 6.0 End of General Support - Hardware Incompatibility Holding You Back?

5 March, 2020 / by Ash Ubhi posted in Cloud, Data Centre Modernisation, VMware

An Opportunity to Modernise your Data Centre

VMware announced that vSphere v6.0 is going End of General Support (EOGS) on 12th March 2020. To read a quick introduction to this, you can read part 1 of this blog series here.

VMware recommend upgrading to vSphere v6.7 to remain in support. Whilst this may be an easy transition for some businesses, others will be faced with a complex upgrade project and one barrier to this could be hardware compatibility.

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VMware vSphere 6.0 End of General Support: Part 1

6 February, 2020 / by Ash Ubhi posted in Cloud, Data Centre Modernisation, VMware

Welcome to our three-part blog series focusing on the end of general support (EOGS) for VMware vSphere v6.0. The series will help to provide you with the guidance and support to ensure your organisation is ready.

Part 1 below is an introduction to what the EOGS means for you. In part 2, we will discuss the opportunity to modernise your datacentre if a hardware refresh is required, whilst part 3 looks at an alternative option with VMware on AWS public cloud as a means to make this transition easier.

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Don't Let Ageing IT Hold You Back.

28 January, 2020 / by Carl Lawton posted in Cloud, Housing

Managed cloud services act as a flexible and scalable solution for organisation’s embarking on a process of digital transformation.

The dual-pronged issue of ageing on-site IT infrastructure within an organisation that is encountering rapid growth can be a hugely difficult problem to solve.

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