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Matt Roberts

Matt Roberts, Practice Lead - Workspace Solutions at CDW UK, has over 18 years’ experience in IT solutions. Matt leads a team of Modern Workspace focussed architects who enable our customers to reach their business goals, and deliver a great end-user experience using Workspace Technologies & Solutions.

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Making the future of work, work

10 January, 2022 / by Matt Roberts posted in Digital Workspace

IT workers have been our crutch and our saviour throughout the past two years. If it wasn’t for those that transitioned our businesses from the office to remote working, how many industries would still be operational today? How many companies would still be providing critical services? It has been a tough ride for our IT leaders, but it isn’t over just yet. While COVID brought about immense pressures, the ongoing burden of keeping the world ticking over is enough to overwhelm even our strongest team members.
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Why AR and VR are for today, not tomorrow

24 August, 2021 / by Matt Roberts posted in Lenovo, VR, AR, AI, Workstation

Not long ago, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) were seen by many as ‘technologies of the future’ that most businesses wouldn’t need to consider adopting until at least 2030. The pandemic changed that. The need for social distancing has accelerated the use of AR and VR in the real world. That in turn, has led to the discovery of new and immediate ways these technologies can be used across industries, offering real potential for even those who were previously wary.
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IT Leaders Called on to Deliver on the Promise of a New World of Work

19 August, 2021 / by Matt Roberts posted in Transformation, Digital Workspace

As COVID-19 restrictions ease in the UK, businesses up and down the country are taking part in a great experiment of our times: hybrid working. The pandemic has changed the way we work for good, with some companies like Facebook and Twitter having announced plans to embrace remote working permanently.
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How Citizen App Dev Can Transform Your Business

3 June, 2021 / by Matt Roberts posted in Digital Workspace

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