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Apprehending inefficiencies in Digital Forensic Units for faster crime resolution

13 December, 2023 / by Nick Garland

Digital forensics have reshaped the criminal justice system, with 90% of all crimes now involving some degree of digital evidence. As a result, the processing capabilities of the UK’s Digital Forensic Units (DFUs) are directly linked to the swift delivery of justice. Digital devices can be treasure troves for the police who can follow virtual trails, unearth deleted files, and dissect encrypted messages. Ultimately, this digital evidence can decide the outcome of a case.
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Technology has always defined the battlefield

24 September, 2021 / by Nick Garland posted in Defence

In March, the UK government’s much-discussed Integrated Review outlined a total revamp of UK defence thinking and a £41.5bn budget to boot. Yet while the paper spans several industries, technology, science and foreign policy, media coverage seemed to reduce the review down to an overly simplistic choice between cutting troop numbers and upping cash spent on technological capabilities.
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