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AI in the Workspace - Part 1: AI - Disruptor or Innovator?

22 September, 2023 / by Tim Russell

" We’ve been using machine learning and AI for years; we’ve just never realised it. With that in mind, is adopting modern AI into a business such a big step now? In this first of a four-part series, I look at AI in the workspace and its potential for disruption and innovation. "
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Technology is there to give us time

12 September, 2023 / by Tim Russell

In the well-known Queen song, Freddie Mercury asks, “who wants to live forever?” I’m sure some of us have mused on the answer to this question, and I apologise for the earworm I may have planted in your brain! In reality, we all have a finite amount of time - and it’s constantly decreasing. When I look at the business I am in and the many different projects and scenarios I have worked in, all I have done boils down to creating or freeing up time; the one resource we can neither buy nor re-use.
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