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The Benefits of Esports for Students

24 August, 2020 / by Carolyne Rushton

The world of esports is growing fast. There are predictions that the sport might get a spot in the 2024 Olympics. This growth extends into educational institutions. With student interest growing educators see esports as a chance to motivate students academically and provide opportunities to attract talent. For today’s student's esports facilities are becoming much more influential in their academic choices.

As the British Esports Association notes, participating in esports can spark or strengthen students’ interest in emerging, technology-driven careers. There are numerous other esports-related occupational opportunities such as working as a referee, coach, product manager or event manager. Esports opens up prospects in marketing, sales, web development and design. Esports isn’t just gaming; it develops skills for STEM opportunities and career growth.


Intel and CDW Esports MPUWhat are the benefits to student?

There are numerous benefits for students and they are wide ranging; 

  1. Students will develop better social skills
Esports help student develop competencies based upon the games they are playing. Many esports are team based games that require communication and collaboration between players making them work together to develop strategies to to build winning strategies and understand the importance of good sportsmanship. Puzzle games help student learn problem solving skills and all games demand quick reactions driving their awareness and decision making skills. 

   2. Foster interest in the gaming industry 

As with traditional sports, there’s no guarantee that an esports athlete will be able to become a professional. However, a well-rounded esports program can help build long-term interest in gaming and technology careers. Students may discover an interest in programming, design, software development, IT operations and other areas, simply through exposure in a creative, enjoyable environment.

   3. Improved performance 

It is widely understood that those students that get involved in extracurricular activities tend to perform better in the classroom. By being involved in esports they develop a stronger sense of belonging, becoming more engaged in school life, more likely to complete their homework and do do well in exams. 


Benefits of Esports to Schools

The benefits of esports goes beyond individual students to the education institution itself.  For educators looking to attract talent esports is becoming an increasingly attractive draw. 

Becoming an esports pioneer can yield plenty of positive exposure for a school, from media outlets that will want to learn more about your team, to students and parents who will be discussing this new program among their peers and communities. Esports can shine a positive light on your school, and in doing so drive new opportunities for programming and involvement and funding.

Increased involvement in academics, increased performance and increased participation in extracurricular from more students mean one thing: better exam results.  Students that take part in an esports program have been proven to also be more likely choose and excel in STEM subjects giving them the skills set they need to set off on structured career paths opening up opportunities to excel throughout their lives. 

Esports increases opportunities for students to become more involved and connect more with their schools.

In the “Climbing up the Careers League” White Paper Scott Gillingham, Gaming and esports Lead for Intel UK explains how esports are unlocking new and diverse career opportunities for students, and how Intel technology has fueled the development of the world’s largest esports organisations.

For more information please download the white paper.  

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