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31 May, 2024 / by Darren Sharpe

Multiparty Private Offers is now available in preview from CDW


In an era where digital transformation is not just an option, but a necessity, Microsoft’s Darren Sharpe stands at the forefront. He provides a comprehensive outline of the transformative role that Azure Marketplace plays in this rapidly evolving digital landscape, and how CDW’s central positioning in the modern tech realm makes them a crucial partner to help drive that innovation. Azure Marketplace, a pivotal component of Microsoft’s ecosystem, serves as a catalyst for change, fostering innovation and propelling businesses into the future. In essence, Sharpe’s narrative is a testament to Microsoft’s commitment to fostering a collaborative ecosystem where costumer value is at the heart of everything they do.


Azure Marketplace

The digital transformation era has ushered in a new paradigm for business growth, where cloud marketplaces like Azure Marketplace have become pivotal in connecting customers with innovative solutions. Channel partners, such as CDW—with their extensive experience and deep industry knowledge—play an instrumental role in this ecosystem, serving as the vital link that brings together the capabilities of cloud services with the specific needs of customers across various industries.

CDW: A Valued Partner in Innovation

As a renowned partner in the UK, CDW is participating in the launch of Azure Marketplace’s new milestone evolution—Multiparty Private Offers. Their involvement is a testament to the strength of the partnership ecosystem and the shared commitment to driving innovation. CDW’s participation underscores the potential of this technology to transform how businesses engage with cloud services and leverage the full capabilities of Azure Marketplace.

As customers want to recognise value earlier in the life of their business applications, SaaS Go-to-market is becoming more “ecosystem” lead, rather than sales lead. This means interoperability, product adjacencies, and services and skills must co-exist and harmonise for the benefit of all our customers. 

The Strategic Role of Channel Partners 

Channel partners are more than just intermediaries; they are trusted advisors who understand the unique challenges and opportunities within their specific markets. They provide valuable insights that help shape the offerings on Azure Marketplace, ensuring that the solutions meet the evolving demands of customers. CDW’s expertise in integration, customisation and deployment makes them an indispensable partner for businesses looking to leverage cloud technologies for competitive advantage.

Azure Marketplace: A Catalyst for Collaboration

Azure Marketplace is not just a platform for transactions; it’s a collaborative space where partners can showcase their innovations and customers can find the right tools to drive their business forward. It offers a diverse range of solutions, from AI and machine learning to IoBT and blockchain, all designed to work seamlessly with Azure’s cloud services. This synergy between Azure and its partners fosters a vibrant ecosystem that accelerates innovation and delivers value to customers.

Multiparty private offers: Revolutionising the Cloud Marketplace

The introduction of Multiparty Private Offers marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Azure Marketplace. Starting 8th May, this new feature will be previewed in the UK, enabling multiple partners to collaborate on a single transaction. This not only simplifies the purchasing process for customers but also opens up new opportunities for partners to work together in delivering comprehensive solutions that address complex business challenges and delivers value to customers.



In conclusion, the importance of channel partners and Azure Marketplace in today’s digital landscape cannot be overstated. They are the engines of growth and innovation, enabling businesses to tap into the power of the cloud to achieve their strategic objectives. With Microsoft's strong partnership ecosystem, and their scale and extensive software capabilities, CDW can negotiate favourable commercial terms for our customers and play a strategic role as channel partners. The preview of Multiparty Private Offers in the UK is a harbinger of the exciting developments that lie ahead, promising to bring even greater value to customers and partners alike.

We are very excited to be working with CDW to bring this preview to life in the UK, and cementing the role of channel partners and Azure Marketplace in shaping the future of cloud software and services. It’s increasingly clear that the journey of application modernisation and digital transformation is one of collaboration, innovation and shared success.


Author: Darren Sharpe

Microsoft Commercial Marketplace Lead

UK Services Partners





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