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Microsoft Surface - What's the Big Idea?

25 September, 2018 / by Dominic Trowman


The world of work is changing. Advances in automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence are allowing technology to take control of tasks that were traditionally handled by humans.

By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with enterprise without any human interaction, according to a forecast from Gartner. 


And it's not only in customer service but in manufacturing, finance, logistics and numerous other areas that technology will play a greater role.

By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with enterprise without any human interaction, according to a forecast from Gartner. And it's not only in customer service but in manufacturing, finance, logistics and numerous other areas that technology will play a greater role.

Nearly 90% of business executives expect their industries to be disrupted by digital trends.

This revolutionary phase requires enterprise to think carefully about the readiness of its IT infrastructure. But it is also an opportunity to reconsider the unique capabilities that employees add to organisations.

The right blend of digital capability and an engaged workforce can give organisations significant competitive advantages in markets that are affected by financial pressures, regulatory influences and talent shortages. Ensuring ongoing relevance to external customers and internal stakeholders requires continual focus.

While the continuing progress of automation and AI have inspired some gloomy predictions of potential job losses, there is every reason to believe this fundamental shift can actually liberate workers to better exploit their human potential. Creativity is pivotal to the value of people. Our ability to generate new ideas cannot currently be matched by machines.

As a result, ingenuity will become more, not less, important.

Many employees are already aware of this. According to a recent survey which questioned a diverse group of employees about the future of work, 72% of respondents believe their future depends on their ability to be creative.

Acknowledgement of this will be particularly strong among millennials, who will account for 75% of the workforce by 2025. They are bringing new expectations into the work environment. They will want workspaces that are open, with integrated sets of technology tools that enable them to connect, collaborate and create at speed, regardless of their location.

The question for business and IT leaders is how they ensure their workforces are equipped with the necessary technology to fully harness their creative abilities and aspirations.

New ways of working require a seamless blend of devices, software, applications and infrastructure that are integrated for simplicity, efficiency and productivity.

Think about how ideas are encouraged, captured, expressed and shared. Technology should not limit these activities but promote them. Microsoft Surface, for example, enables people to record their ideas as quickly as they come, not just through a conventional keyboard but by using touch, voice and even pen. The idea of a 'single pane of glass' is no longer a fantasy but a tangible reality.

The Surface Pen encourages professionals to jot down ideas in instinctive ways, not necessarily as lines of text but as diagrams, sketches or maps. The rapidly growing availability of apps also enables workers to access and use tools and formats that are tailored to their personal and professional requirements. The built-in intelligence of apps helps to break down barriers that may have obstructed or slowed down the evolution of creative concepts. Artists, designers, architects and engineers love the simplicity of the Adobe Cloud and Office 365 suite. Microsoft has partnered with creative professionals across multiple industries to demonstrate its commitment to creative advancement.

But the new way of working isn't about operating in isolation, it's about sharing. Unlike PCs and conventional laptops with upright screens, devices like Surface Pro make work more visible and allow for it to be passed around the table. Good ideas often grow into great ones through a process of iteration as colleagues reshape and augment initial drafts. Equally, work can be shared with colleagues who are not in the same room, through intuitive file sharing and communication apps.

In the past, friction-free sharing may have provoked security fears but the seamless integration of software and hardware exemplified by Microsoft Surface, with numerous integrated security and authentication features, provides sufficient protection to empower the mobile worker without exposing vulnerabilities.

The result is a workforce that is more engaged, productive and efficient. With the right tools, professionals gain a lot of enthusiasm from the sense that their company has invested in them.

Working in partnership with Microsoft, CDW helps inspire people to work in exciting new ways and promotes improved productivity, maximum mobility, and meaningful customer engagement.

To help enterprise exploit the very best advantages of the Surface family, CDW provides a range of wrap-around services that add value in important areas. An extensive range of maintenance and support services are offered by CDW, underpinned by tailored SLAs and delivered by accredited engineers with demonstrable technical expertise. Design services, including the build of a main image, are also available alongside pre-delivery asset-tagging, deployment support and delivery.

How Secure is your Company Data

In 2018 over 25% of corporate data was transferred between mobile devices to the cloud. As the modern workforce embraces mobility it is vital for organisations to keep up with ever changing security threats. The Microsoft Surface range is a premium series of touchscreen, Windows 10 devices which deliver cutting edge security features that enables mobility without creating additional risk.

Empower Your Workforce

43% of the global workforce will be mobile in 2022 with an anticipated 150% rise in hours worked outside the office! The Microsoft Surface range is a premium range of touchscreen, Windows 10 devices which deliver an ideal balance of craftsmanship, performance and versatility, empowering today's workforce with the environment and technology to help them reach their full potential.

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