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Prince’s Trust events – skills workshops April, May, July, August 2023

19 September, 2023 / by CDW


For many young people getting the opportunity to secure their first job or to start their own business is a challenge. At CDW, we believe every young person should have the chance to succeed – it’s why we partner with The Prince’s Trust, working together to give those aged 11 to 30 the confidence and skills to take that first step, no matter the challenges they’re facing. Here are some ways we’ve offered our support and helped with this valuable work. 


CV Reviewing  

A CV is the first step to securing a job, but getting it right can be difficult, especially when you don’t have any experience. The Trust regularly organises volunteers to review the CVs of young people accessing the Trust’s support and services. Coworkers in CDW have helped in April and May in two rounds of CV reviewing, checking spelling and grammar, and providing constructive feedback and recommendations to help craft the CVs to the best they can be.  


Interview Skills 

Many people find interviews difficult and stressful, but they are a big part of the recruitment process. Members of CDW were happy to offer their expertise and tips at the Interview Skills event in August, helping young people to improve their interview technique and make the best impression on potential employers. It was also an eye-opening and humbling day for our coworkers who learned about the very big challenges some young people face. A very worthwhile event for all involved. 


Presentation Skills 

CDW and The Prince’s Trust held a Presentations Skills event in August to give young people the tips, skills, and confidence they need to feel relaxed and composed during a presentation and help them make the best impression. The event was part of an ongoing 12-week programme offering participants the opportunity to learn new skills. At the end of the course, participants present what they’ve achieved and their next steps to friends and families, so this was a valuable part of the course. Three of CDW’s coworkers spent the day in Grantham with the attendees, sharing their experiences, setting challenges, going over discussion points, and preparing them for their presentations later in the week. They also held practice sessions and offered constructive feedback to help them best prepare.  

CDW is proud to partner with The Prince’s Trust and help it with its valuable work, making a real impact in the lives of young people. Fay Dixon, L&D Business Partner at CDW, volunteered at the presentation skills workshop: “Some attendees who were initially quite reserved soon engaged in the activities in the workshop. It was great to see the confidence in the group as they recognised their own skills and abilities.” 

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