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Cloud optimisation: What’s the business case?

13 June, 2019 / by Lauren Waterhouse posted in Cloud, CloudPlan, business

Business are investing in cloud solutions at an unprecedented rate. Gartner predicts that the global public cloud market will grow 17.3% in 2019 to a total of $206.2 million. Compared with $175 billion in 2018, that represents a significant leap, with infrastructure services identified as the fastest-growing segment and hybrid cloud being the most common form of adoption. But what is driving this rapid rise? 

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How to Overcome Cloud Complexity

30 May, 2019 / by Lauren Waterhouse posted in Cloud, CloudCare, CloudPlan

Rapid growth in the availability and adoption of cloud services has given rise to a simultaneous increase in complexity. 

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Are you spending too much on cloud services?

28 May, 2019 / by Lauren Waterhouse posted in Cloud

As cloud adoption escalates, so do the associated costs. Cloud computing expenditure now accounts for around a third of an average company’s IT budget, according to research by IDG Enterprise.

It is therefore imperative that cloud spending is carefully managed.

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