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Minimise Risk when Adopting Next Generation Technology

17 July, 2019 / by Ash Ubhi

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Striking the balance between adopting next generation technology and risk management is crucial to the success of any IT transformation project.  If this balance is not struck, it can lead to expensive mistakes with delayed implementations and rushed technologies decisions which lead to not delivering true business value.  However, many businesses are not taking the time to assess the risks that comes from adopting next generation to help transform their businesses.

Dell Technologies set out to address many of the important risk concerns with their new Unity XT platform – an all-inclusive and adaptable solution which meets business demands of today and tomorrow.

Application performance consistency

The foundation of consistent low latency performance and improved end user experience of applications is one of the highest delivery objectives in many transformation projects. Unity XT delivers on speed when you need it, all the time and every time, with an ground up engineered approach to integration of flash technology including NVMe. All flash storage has reached a cost point which now makes it achievable to deliver a silicon data centre which removes spinning disk constraints that historically have held applications back from their true potential to drive game changing business outcomes. If cost is a limitation, then the new platform can still be deployed with hybrid storage and at CDW we take care to ensure that the flash tier is sized correctly to meet peak workload demands.

Future Proof loyalty Programme

When adopting new technologies, businesses want future predictability to protect their investment. Refresh cycles are now much longer at 5-7 years and The Future-Proof Loyalty Program is a customer program designed to provide investment protection with a set of capabilities and programs that enable Dell EMC’s Storage to provide value for the entire lifetime of their applications.

Time to value

The on-time delivery of IT transformation projects is crucial to their success and an area that many businesses struggle with when it comes to the actual implementation of a new IT solution. Therefore, it is important to consider technologies that can be adopted quickly in a turnkey fashion. The Unity XT platform can be installed and configured in 25 mins, removing the traditional time constraints associated with legacy storage arrays - critical to delivering IT transformation projects on time.

Future Proof for the Multi-cloud

Hybrid and multi-cloud are key strategies for many businesses, and when reviewing technologies, it is important to take cloud integration into account. Even if a business is not deploying workloads in the public cloud today, there should be consideration for use in the future. Therefore, it is crucial to adopt new technologies which are ‘cloud ready’. The new Unity XT platform can integrate with all major cloud providers, and an important feature is the ‘Virtual Storage Appliance’ (VSA). The VSA is a virtual Unity XT running in VMWare on AWS to provide a seamless bridge between on-premise and the public cloud. You can also tier data to the cloud based on automated policies to free up vital on-premise resources and reduce backup windows.

How can CDW help you

The consideration of key risk factors when deploying new technologies during transformation projects is crucial to their success. Above is just a small flavor of the areas CDW consider when working with our customers and we pay careful attention to mitigating risk to ensure successful delivery of these projects. This comes from many years of experience and best practices developed over numerous customer engagements; best practices which can help you remove constraints and risk to avoid costly mistakes.

An overview of the considerations of Unity XT can be found here .

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