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Next Generation Unified Storage from Dell Technologies

1 July, 2019 / by Ash Ubhi


At this year’s Dell Technologies World, Dell EMC announced availability of the next generation Unity XT storage platform. These new All-Flash and Hybrid storage platforms carry on the Unity family benefits with more performance, improved efficiency and multiple cloud deployment options.

Whilst exploring storage options, we work with our customers to evaluate the following core characteristics:

  • Risk – can it mitigate risk to data integrity, transformation projects, the business and its end users. Is the platform future proofed to upcoming technology innovation without zero business disruption
  • Economics and business value – can it deliver an improvement to the business whilst reducing overall cost of ownership. For example, can it help to simplify IT operations to improve resource productivity
  • Functionality – is it able to provide a full spectrum of functionality now and over the next 5-7 years for the workloads. Functionality which can reduce or not further introduce vendor sprawl

The new Unity XT ticks many boxes in helping to meet these demands by offering rich functionality with an all inclusive software licensing model in a small dense footprint. Functionality such as in-built data protection, file/block/VVOLS, application performance improvements and consistency, multi-cloud options and a long service life are just some features amongst many; all wrapped with Dell’s Future Loyalty Programme to maximise your investment in on going ownership.

In addition to functionality of the new platform, Dell offers comprehensive payment plans to help balance business costs. Instead of tying up your money and credit lines in a depreciating asset, DFS financing allows you to obtain your technology utilising low monthly payments.

We will be exploring the above three characteristics in more detail through a series of articles delivered directly to your inbox. If you want to learn more now, contact us for a chat with our technical specialists and how to access a free trial.

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