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Removing the Burden of Device Management

28 March, 2022 / by Rajiv Narayan

The past 12 months have seen organisations rush to establish new remote workforces. 

However, overseeing this transition hasn’t been without its challenges. Almost half (43 per cent) of IT teams saw an increase in the number of support tickets from employees in the switch to remote work. Even prior to the global health crisis, 50 per cent of IT managers believed they spent too much time procuring and managing devices. 

Moving forward, we are likely to see a hybrid approach to remote working. Whether employees are based in the office or at home, it is crucial to maintain a consistent digital experience.  This is where Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) comes in. We know that DaaS enables an organisation to furnish its workforce with the latest devices without the upfront costs. 

But just as importantly, DaaS services can also be deployed to take the day-to-day burden of device management away from IT. By reducing workload, IT departments are freed up to focus on more strategic projects – such as accelerating digital transformation throughout an organization. 


CDW’s Device Management solution 


So, how does CDW approach DaaS management? A tailored services package can be designed to suit, including a 24x7-service desk, ITIL services and hardware health monitoring. Overseen by CDW’s Network Operation Centre, we not only provide a 24x7 service desk and second line technical support, but a service delivery manager and a technical account manager that can help you navigate the technology landscape and overcome any complexities.  

From Intune support to workstation patching and remote wiping, CDW takes care of the entire ecosystem around the device. 


Proactively monitoring your devices 

We also help you proactively monitor your device estate to ensure efficiency and achieve cost optimization and provide the business with other valuable usage insights. 

By partnering with leading vendors, our hardware health monitoring, analytics dashboard and hardware inventory all provide meaningful insights. This includes how many and the types of devices in use, whether software applications are up to date, their security status or whether the devices have been patched recently – all presented in an intuitive and easy-to-understand dashboard. 

Moreover, predictive analytics on some vendor’s devices can go further, alerting you to potential problems with the hardware or battery failures before they even happen. This insight can keep employees productive – wherever they are based. 


To summarize, CDW DaaS management services can offer: 


  • 24x7 Service Desk (Desk-to-Desk)  
  • Technical Support 
  • Hardware Health Monitoring 
  • Predictive Analytics (HP only) 
  • Analytics Dashboard 
  • Hardware Inventory 
  • Application deployment 
  • Microsoft Intune Support 
  • Anti-virus management 
  • Major Incident Management 
  • Change Management 
  • Problem Management 
  • Device Patching 
  • Patch Status Reports 

Ultimately, DaaS management is aimed at taking away the heavy lifting of IT support. Adopting this flexible and dynamic approach is likely to become ever-more important in the new hybrid world of work - enabling IT teams to concentrate on delivering value and driving business growth.  


If you’d like more information on how DaaS could transform device management for your organisation, speak to CDW on 0207 017 6000. 


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