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Staying Connected in Challenging Times

11 June, 2020 / by admin posted in Networking & Connectivity

Most of us are now operating with a 100% dispersed employee population, using tools and connectivity probably not scaled for this level of disruptive working for long period of time.  

So, we turn our thoughts to how do we handle remote operations. How, do we bolster up the right services to replace the ability of our employees to work from their normal office desk?

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Has Cloud Become Too Complex?

11 September, 2019 / by admin posted in Cloud

The rapid evolution of cloud technology has left some enterprise IT leaders struggling to keep up with the options available – let alone how to absorb the latest infrastructure innovations into their existing data centre arrangements.

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Elevating IT’s business value via the hybrid multi cloud

11 September, 2019 / by admin posted in Cloud

The attractive economics of cloud services have driven a huge rise in adoption. Gartner puts the market size and growth of the cloud services industry at nearly three times the growth of overall IT services through 2022.

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CloudHealth By VMware

18 December, 2018 / by admin posted in Cloud, VMware

The potential for cost savings is one of the top three reasons for cloud adoption, according to survey by the Cloud Industry Forum but whether expected savings are realised in practice is another question.

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