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Pre-cloud Legacies are Still Causing Business Headaches – Here’s Why

24 February, 2021 / by Ashminder Ubhi

Being an IT manager was a very different career before the advent of cloud-based services. When it came to adding or replacing infrastructure, you had only one option: buy the latest hardware or software.

So, IT would receive its budget and go off and buy the biggest and best kit it could.

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The Rise of Edge Computing

14 August, 2020 / by Ashminder Ubhi posted in Data Centre Modernisation

Edge Computing is seen by many as the next revolution for processing data. Advancements in technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G will fuel Edge Computing and make it a reality for almost every business. It brings processing power to everyday objects and incredibly detailed analytics that will enable organisations of every shape, size and sector to develop compelling new propositions that are more efficient and deliver a better experience for customers, patients and citizens.

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