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Environmental Sustainability with HP

17 June, 2020 / by Hannah Powell posted in Corporate Social Responsibility, HP

As consumers today, we are more aware than ever of the choices we make daily, and their potential impact on the environment. It factors into our purchasing behaviour – from groceries and electronic goods to cars and travel.

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It is Critical to Provide Employees With the Right Technology

31 March, 2020 / by Hannah Powell posted in Digital Workspace, Apple

With an increasingly mobile workforce, employees today expect to be able to work from anywhere – so that means providing then with the right technology to do their job.

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What are the benefits of Cisco SD-WAN?

13 March, 2020 / by Hannah Powell posted in Networking & Connectivity, Cisco

In 2020 the pace of digital disruption shows no signs of slowing. Regardless of their size or sector, organisations are investing in technology to help deliver a competitive advantage – whether that’s realising operational efficiencies, improving customer relationships, increasing employee productivity, or bringing products to market faster.

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