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Why Businesses Are Turning to the HP Elite Dragonfly G3

30 January, 2023 / by CDW posted in Digital Workspace, HP

Hybrid work - Business ready devices The HP Elite Dragonfly G3 is a sleek and powerful laptop designed for business professionals who need a lightweight and portable device that can keep up with their demanding work schedule. It features a sleek, ultra-light design, making it easy to carry around with you wherever you go.
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Boost Productivity with HP Elitebook 640 G9

30 January, 2023 / by CDW posted in Digital Workspace, HP

Hybrid work - Business ready devices The HP EliteBook 640 G9 is designed to provide business users with a combination of performance, security, and durability. It features a 14-inch Full HD IPS display with thin bezels, a durable and lightweight aluminium chassis, and a 360-degree hinge that allows you to use it in different modes.
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Are You Ready to Automate?

23 August, 2022 / by William Oakley posted in Automation

I have spent the last 21 years working in IT and there has been no better feeling than being able to automate some repetitive task I've had. For myself this has applied entirely to technical tasks and I have automated through scripting. Unfortunately, until recently, there was nothing which catered for automating repetitive administrative tasks and business processes in a way that was simple and involved minimal to no code.
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CDW is Attending Ucisa22 Leadership Conference

13 April, 2022 / by Carolyne Rushton

CDW UK, in partnership with NetApp and VMware, will be exhibiting at the UCISA22 Leadership Conference hosted at the Manchester Central Conference Centre on the 29th March – 30th March, 2022.
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Removing the Burden of Device Management

28 March, 2022 / by Rajiv Narayan posted in Device-as-a-Service, DaaS, Device Management

The past 12 months have seen organisations rush to establish new remote workforces.
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Data today, revenue tomorrow

1 March, 2022 / by Jane Liston posted in Retail, Intel

Empowering the retail sector with the technology tools it needs to succeed. 
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Making the future of work, work

10 January, 2022 / by Matt Roberts posted in Digital Workspace

IT workers have been our crutch and our saviour throughout the past two years. If it wasn’t for those that transitioned our businesses from the office to remote working, how many industries would still be operational today? How many companies would still be providing critical services? It has been a tough ride for our IT leaders, but it isn’t over just yet. While COVID brought about immense pressures, the ongoing burden of keeping the world ticking over is enough to overwhelm even our strongest team members.
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Data is overrated – how to build a strategy that gets results

23 November, 2021 / by Ross Pedder

Data is currently the word on everyone’s lips. Organisations know that they want to harness the power of their data, but it can be difficult to know where to start and how to use the available budget in the most effective way possible.
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Technology has always defined the battlefield

24 September, 2021 / by Nick Garland posted in Defence

In March, the UK government’s much-discussed Integrated Review outlined a total revamp of UK defence thinking and a £41.5bn budget to boot. Yet while the paper spans several industries, technology, science and foreign policy, media coverage seemed to reduce the review down to an overly simplistic choice between cutting troop numbers and upping cash spent on technological capabilities.
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It’s time to give employees personal technology autonomy

25 August, 2021 / by Hannah Powell posted in Apple, choice, mac, employee

With so many people now proficient technology users at home and at work, which today are often the same place, they understandably want to have a say in the technology they use. There are two key trends driving this change. Firstly, many people have already shifted to using their personal devices for work during the pandemic, perhaps when starting a new job in this period or waiting for a work laptop to be sent to them. Secondly, that younger generations want to work on technology devices that are familiar and comfortable. With these trends shaping how businesses attract and retain employees, it is becoming imperative for organisations to offer choice. For many in the working population, this means having the choice to use Apple devices for work. In fact, three out of four employees say they would choose Apple . This is not just a passing preference but a deciding factor on where they would choose to work - so employers should take note. By giving employees more flexibility, they can reap a world of benefits.
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