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Building the Right Bridges for Seamless DevOps

15 July, 2021 / by Marco Canonico

The reality is that DevOps teams are often complicated to manage. The teams work towards a common goal, but both have vastly different approaches, KPIs and requirements. Developers think that ops are slow and obstructive, the giant brakes stopping the fabulous 4x4 ride into app and solution development success. IT Ops, on the other hand, is the team up at 3am fixing the problems in the code that the developers threw over the wall the day before, the team that has to ensure the implementation is solid and stable. It’s easy to see why the two can clash.

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Developers have a problem with Operations. Why?

13 July, 2021 / by Marco Canonico

Do you feel as though developers don’t understand IT Ops’ key mandate—to keep the IT environment stable, compliant, secure and always on? Do developers get that everything else comes after that? While this may stem from their need for speed, it is also true that developers face pressures and challenges of their own. Some of them can be solved with the help of Operations in ways that also help you deliver on your goals more reliably.

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The Intricate Tangle of Dev and Ops, and How to Unravel It

13 July, 2021 / by Pete Hulme

As an intelligent and capable software development strategy, DevOps is hard to beat. It pulls on the expertise of the developer to unpack the innovation and create the applications that are needed to drive business at scale, and it tugs on the capabilities and efficiencies of the operations teams to ensure that these innovations and applications are delivered on time, without issues and continuously. In essence, DevOps was designed to minimise the conflicts that traditionally arose between developers and operations when the two teams operated in silos. However, IT Ops still has its issues with Dev, and Dev still thinks that IT Ops can be slow and obstructive. So, what happened?

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Happy Devs, Happy Ops – It’s Possible

9 July, 2021 / by Marco Canonico

What keeps developers up at night?

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DevOps Best Practice: How to Engage IT Ops Excellence in Busy Teams

9 July, 2021 / by Pete Hulme

DevOps isn’t new. In fact, the mash of developers to Ops to create a fresh, new strategicpriority is, in itself, best practice. However, the two disciplines of Developer and IT Ops demand different approaches and methodologies to ensure they work together harmoniously.Their requirements, their workflows, their efficiencies and their toolkits differ, as do their approaches and frameworks. These can clash, and this clash can limit the efficacy of a DevOps team significantly. Which is why it’s important to provide these two disparate teams with the tools and systems they need to operate in a state of, dare it be said, happiness.

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Not all packers are created equal: picking and packing in 2021

8 July, 2021 / by Jane Liston posted in Retail

Pickers and packers have gone straight to the top of the retail supply chain as eCommerce and Dark Stores become staples of the new retail normal. Demands are higher than ever, and the way we pick and pack has changed beyond recognition – so how can retailers merge technology with humans to empower their employees and drive better results?

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The Good, the Great and the Best Practice

7 July, 2021 / by Pete Hulme

From the core of IT Operations (IT OPs) to the essence of development – DevOps has become the de facto term to describe the ongoing competencies of two interconnected and essential ecosystems—development and operations. Highly agile, competent and flexible IT Ops teams are critical to sustainable business growth. It’s IT Ops that supports turning potential into definitive business value, a crucial skill that ensures the business is as capable of leveraging automation as it is in engaging with its vibrant developer community. However, as the world shifts on its axis, IT Ops is becoming even more invaluable as the organisation struggles with balancing innovation with even more restrictions around budget and time. 

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Developers Today – What Does Operations Need to Know?

7 July, 2021 / by Marco Canonico

Some days it may feel like the role of developers is to make stuff that destroys your stuff – the bedrock of servers, websites and databases that you administer. Whilst developers create some of these things, there is little point if the environment that you administer can’t integrate them and keep them secure and functioning.

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Busting the Silos: The Solution to Data Sprawl

30 June, 2021 / by Oreste Majeli posted in Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Unified DataOps

Does this sound familiar? In a recent interaction I had with a medical lab (that shall remain nameless) regarding a blood test, I had a less-than-optimal experience navigating their system. Let’s call it my customer experience.

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HPE Financial Services Help Ease the Pressure

30 June, 2021 / by Oreste Majeli posted in Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Unified DataOps

Business uncertainty has made it nearly impossible to develop long-term IT strategies because of funding concerns, according to a recent survey by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG).

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