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Retail innovation: is complexity holding you back?

8 August, 2019 / by Jane Liston posted in Retail, Innovation, Consumer


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Minimise Risk when Adopting Next Generation Technology

17 July, 2019 / by Ash Ubhi posted in Next Generation, Dell, Storage, UnityXT

Striking the balance between adopting next generation technology and risk management is crucial to the success of any IT transformation project.  If this balance is not struck, it can lead to expensive mistakes with delayed implementations and rushed technologies decisions which lead to not delivering true business value.  However, many businesses are not taking the time to assess the risks that comes from adopting next generation to help transform their businesses.

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Making the case for new capabilities in professional services

12 July, 2019 / by Harry Brown posted in Workspace

Financial and legal services are facing business threats from numerous angles.

Firms in these industries are a prime target for hackers, with large banks of sensitive data that can be stolen and sold on.

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Don’t exclude frontline workers from your digital vision

12 July, 2019 / by Harry Brown posted in Workspace

The frontline workers interacting directly with customers have too often been left at the back of the line when it comes to digital transformation.

Empowering senior business executives to exploit new ways of working is creating enterprise propositions that are better aligned with modern expectations. But without simultaneously empowering frontline workers to bring boardroom initiatives to life, customers may be unmoved.

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Next Generation Unified Storage from Dell Technologies

1 July, 2019 / by Ash Ubhi posted in Data Centre, Next Generation, Dell

At this year’s Dell Technologies World, Dell EMC announced availability of the next generation Unity XT storage platform. These new All-Flash and Hybrid storage platforms carry on the Unity family benefits with more performance, improved efficiency and multiple cloud deployment options.

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Cloud optimisation: What’s the business case?

13 June, 2019 / by Lauren Waterhouse posted in Cloud, CloudPlan, business

Business are investing in cloud solutions at an unprecedented rate. Gartner predicts that the global public cloud market will grow 17.3% in 2019 to a total of $206.2 million. Compared with $175 billion in 2018, that represents a significant leap, with infrastructure services identified as the fastest-growing segment and hybrid cloud being the most common form of adoption. But what is driving this rapid rise? 

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SQL Server 2008 EOS: The Perfect Excuse to Modernise

7 June, 2019 / by Intel Solutions expert posted in Data Centre, Server, Modernise, Transformation, Microsoft

Does your business still depend on SQL Server 2008? If so, July 9th is a date to remember. 

That’s when support for SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 will end forever—which means the end of regular security updates. And yet, it’s not all doom and gloom. 

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How to Overcome Cloud Complexity

30 May, 2019 / by Lauren Waterhouse posted in Cloud, CloudCare, CloudPlan

Rapid growth in the availability and adoption of cloud services has given rise to a simultaneous increase in complexity. 

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Are you spending too much on cloud services?

28 May, 2019 / by Lauren Waterhouse posted in Cloud

As cloud adoption escalates, so do the associated costs. Cloud computing expenditure now accounts for around a third of an average company’s IT budget, according to research by IDG Enterprise.

It is therefore imperative that cloud spending is carefully managed.

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Rethinking emergency response – from the streets to the control room

28 March, 2019 / by Harry Brown posted in Workspace

For IT decision-makers in enterprise environments, ROI projections are one of the most vital elements of a successful request for technology investment. However, the production of accurate ROI predictions can be extremely challenging.

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