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Experience Management and XLAs. Chapter 1 - Experience Management??

9 November, 2023 / by Jaro Tomik

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Security Transformation: Part 1 – Why Transformation is Needed

8 November, 2023 / by Greg Van Der Gaast

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How IT can help you attract the best new talent

7 November, 2023 / by Tim Russell

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Cybersecurity: The SEC's recent charges show that change is needed

6 November, 2023 / by Greg Van Der Gaast

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Exploring the VMware Software Defined Datacentre (SDDC) – Part 2 – NSX History and Future

3 November, 2023 / by Robert Sims

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Exploring the VMware Software-Defined Datacentre (SDDC) – Part 1 – NSX History and Future

2 November, 2023 / by Robert Sims

" With VMware Explore fast approaching (November 6th - 9th, in Barcelona), along with the increased conversations around building Hybrid Clouds and the need to address skills shortages in our sector, I thought it would be good to explore the state of the current VMware offerings in this space. "
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Reflecting on NetApp Insight 2023: A Key Focus on AI Data Pipeline, Storage Consistency and Data Protection

1 November, 2023 / by Kyle Davies posted in NetApp, Cisco

" On 23rd to 25th October CDW was a platinum sponsor, alongside Cisco, for the first return of an in-person NetApp Insight since 2019. The focus of the event was turning disruption into opportunity by taking the time to make your data infrastructure intelligent, wherever it is located! \n Throughout the three days, NetApp made several key announcements that I have consolidated here. "
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Busting The Windows 11 Update Myth

1 November, 2023 / by Tim Russell posted in Microsoft

" Although some companies have only just finished with their Windows 10 upgrades, we are all aware of the looming Windows 10 ‘end of support date’, and the associated Windows 11 upgrade. \n This article will look at the background, facts and issues that are concerning customers when it comes to this process. \n I have been working in IT for longer than I care to mention, and in this time I have seen the Apple/IBM PS2 battle, the Windows 95 launch, the rise of mobile and then smart phones. \n This extended tenure in IT does have its benefits, namely, extensive experience in software updates and user adoption. Whether we are looking at NT to Win 95 or Windows 10 to 11, the core success criteria remain. My colleague Jaro Tomik talks extensively about Digital Enablement and ensuring success, but in this article, I want to focus on the concerns you might have as a customer and how you can understand the real impact to your business. "
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Black History Month

31 October, 2023 / by CDW

October is Black History Month, and this year’s theme pays homage to the incredible Black women who have played a pivotal role, and continue to shape the world, inspire change, and build communities. The theme, ‘Celebrating Our Sisters’, puts a spotlight on the trailblazing Black women who have made lasting contributions to literature, fashion, music, sport, business, politics, academia, social and health care, and much more.
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The Frontier AI Report and the PM's Speech: My Perspective

27 October, 2023 / by Tim Russell

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