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VMC on AWS to Upgrade vSphere EOGS Versions

1 June, 2020 / by Ash Ubhi

Welcome to the final blog post covering the vSphere v6.0 End of General Support (EOGS) which ended on 12th March 2020. In our previous post, we covered how hardware incompatibilities present an opportunity to explore VMware software defined solutions (SDDC).

In this, the third and final high level post, we will cover the option of using VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC on AWS) - an excellent platform that can easily upgrade your environment from vSphere v5.x to the latest version.

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It is Critical to Provide Employees With the Right Technology

31 March, 2020 / by Hannah Powell posted in EmployeeChoice, Millenials, GenZ

With an increasingly mobile workforce, employees today expect to be able to work from anywhere – so that means providing then with the right technology to do their job.

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The High Street Fights Back

13 March, 2020 / by Hayley Doyle posted in Modernise, Retail, Case Study

How Smarter IT Services can Support Retailers in a Challenging Economic Environment.

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What are the benefits of Cisco SD-WAN?

13 March, 2020 / by Hannah Powell posted in hybrid, Cloud Services, SD-WAN

In 2020 the pace of digital disruption shows no signs of slowing. Regardless of their size or sector, organisations are investing in technology to help deliver a competitive advantage – whether that’s realising operational efficiencies, improving customer relationships, increasing employee productivity, or bringing products to market faster.

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VMware vSphere 6.0 End of General Support - Hardware Incompatibility Holding You Back?

5 March, 2020 / by Ash Ubhi

An Opportunity to Modernise your Data Centre

VMware announced that vSphere v6.0 is going End of General Support (EOGS) on 12th March 2020. To read a quick introduction to this, you can read part 1 of this blog series here.

VMware recommend upgrading to vSphere v6.7 to remain in support. Whilst this may be an easy transition for some businesses, others will be faced with a complex upgrade project and one barrier to this could be hardware compatibility.

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20 February, 2020 / by Ash Ubhi posted in Dell, UnityXT

Discover the real value that Dell EMC Isilon can bring to your business… besides future-ready scale-out storage.

The world is experiencing an explosion of unstructured data – data that holds huge potential for innovation if businesses can leverage it in the right way.

To keep up with the volume of data whilst leveraging the value that it holds, organisations like yours need a scalable, efficient and future-ready storage platform.

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VMware vSphere 6.0 End of General Support: Part 1

6 February, 2020 / by Ash Ubhi

Welcome to our three-part blog series focusing on the end of general support (EOGS) for VMware vSphere v6.0. The series will help to provide you with the guidance and support to ensure your organisation is ready.

Part 1 below is an introduction to what the EOGS means for you. In part 2, we will discuss the opportunity to modernise your datacentre if a hardware refresh is required, whilst part 3 looks at an alternative option with VMware on AWS public cloud as a means to make this transition easier.

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Don't Let Ageing IT Hold You Back.

28 January, 2020 / by Carl Lawton posted in Case Study, Cloud Services, Managed Cloud, ServiceWorks, Housing, Managed Services

Managed cloud services act as a flexible and scalable solution for organisation’s embarking on a process of digital transformation.

The dual-pronged issue of ageing on-site IT infrastructure within an organisation that is encountering rapid growth can be a hugely difficult problem to solve.

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How DaaS Can Drive Increased Productivity in Healthcare

13 January, 2020 / by Hayley Doyle posted in Case Study, Healthcare, DaaS, Integrated Technology

Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) means medical teams can benefit from the more flexible provision of IT equipment such as desktops, laptops and other mobile devices.

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Five Ways That Connected Frontline Workers Can Boost Your Business

10 December, 2019 / by Jess Poulter posted in Cloud

The cloud has transformed the way in which we work. Businesses are now spending more on cloud than they are on on-premise infrastructure as they look to take advantage of its organisational, cost and productivity benefits. This spending is only set to increase over the next few years with 40 percent of large UK businesses expect to be cloud-only by 2021.

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