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20 February, 2020 / by Ash Ubhi posted in Dell, Data Centre Modernisation

Discover the real value that Dell EMC Isilon can bring to your business… besides future-ready scale-out storage.

The world is experiencing an explosion of unstructured data – data that holds huge potential for innovation if businesses can leverage it in the right way.

To keep up with the volume of data whilst leveraging the value that it holds, organisations like yours need a scalable, efficient and future-ready storage platform.

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VMware vSphere 6.0 End of General Support: Part 1

6 February, 2020 / by Ash Ubhi posted in Cloud, Data Centre Modernisation, VMware

Welcome to our three-part blog series focusing on the end of general support (EOGS) for VMware vSphere v6.0. The series will help to provide you with the guidance and support to ensure your organisation is ready.

Part 1 below is an introduction to what the EOGS means for you. In part 2, we will discuss the opportunity to modernise your datacentre if a hardware refresh is required, whilst part 3 looks at an alternative option with VMware on AWS public cloud as a means to make this transition easier.

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Minimise Risk when Adopting Next Generation Technology

17 July, 2019 / by Ash Ubhi posted in Dell, Data Centre Modernisation

Striking the balance between adopting next generation technology and risk management is crucial to the success of any IT transformation project.  If this balance is not struck, it can lead to expensive mistakes with delayed implementations and rushed technologies decisions which lead to not delivering true business value.  However, many businesses are not taking the time to assess the risks that comes from adopting next generation to help transform their businesses.

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Next Generation Unified Storage from Dell Technologies

1 July, 2019 / by Ash Ubhi posted in Dell, Data Centre Modernisation

At this year’s Dell Technologies World, Dell EMC announced availability of the next generation Unity XT storage platform. These new All-Flash and Hybrid storage platforms carry on the Unity family benefits with more performance, improved efficiency and multiple cloud deployment options.

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SQL Server 2008 EOS: The Perfect Excuse to Modernise

7 June, 2019 / by Intel Solutions expert posted in Microsoft, Data Centre Modernisation

Does your business still depend on SQL Server 2008? If so, July 9th is a date to remember. 

That’s when support for SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 will end forever—which means the end of regular security updates. And yet, it’s not all doom and gloom. 

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To prepare for a better future, we must modernise the data centre

15 November, 2018 / by Jess Poulter posted in Data Centre Modernisation, Nutanix

Think of the businesses you love buying from. The chances are they all have one important characteristic in common. Put simply, they seem to understand what you want and they provide it in a format that feels personalised, valuable, easy-to-use and always available. As a result, they are probably leaders in their markets, whether they are offering coffee, cabs or Christmas gifts.

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Nutanix Intelligent Infrastructure Management

15 November, 2018 / by Jess Poulter posted in Data Centre Modernisation, Nutanix

Make weekend IT emergencies a thing of the past with intelligent infrastructure management from CDW and Nutanix. The weekend call is the one we all dread the most. For enterprise IT managers with responsibility for ageing data centre infrastructure these interruptions have often been too common for comfort.

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Overcoming today’s IT infrastructure challenges

21 June, 2018 / by Jess Poulter posted in Data Centre Modernisation

Until recently, the word agility was more likely to be heard in a sports commentary than a business meeting. But such is the pace of digital transformation that agility is talked about every day in boardrooms across the country.

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